New Toothpaste Helps People Fight Peanut Allergy

Photo: Glowimages / Glowimages / Getty Images

Clean teeth and, hopefully, a clean bill of health…A new toothpaste is being developed to desensitize people who have potentially life-threatening peanut allergies. Scientists in California tested the toothpaste on 32 adults twice a day for 11 months and found that no one suffered a severe allergic reaction since using the dentifrice.

So, what the heck is in this seemingly magical toothpaste? Turns out it contains a small amount of peanut proteins and by exposing these people to the nuts, researchers hope they will become gradually desensitized over time. This type of allergy treatment is called oral immunotherapy and could have allergy sufferers enjoying PB&Js in no time.

Source: Daily Mail

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