Missing Dog Reunites With Owner After Walking Into Shop With Missing Poster

Photo: Peter Cade / Photodisc / Getty Images

On the evening of August 18th, golden labrador Rosie was out on a walk with her owner Mark near Perth, Scotland, when she mysteriously vanished. Mark walked for miles searching for his dog, but couldn’t find her anywhere. He then reached out to the local organization Missing Pets, Perth and Kinross Scotland. They advised him and even helped organize a search party including drone pilots who scoured the area with thermal drones. But still there was no sign of Rosie.

Then earlier this week, Rosie came strolling into a Baba’s Takeaway restaurant not far from where she first went missing 16 days earlier. The shop just happened to have one of Rosie’s missing dog posters in the window, so the owner quickly identified her and contacted Missing Pets.

Soon Rosie and Mark were reunited. Rosie was checked out by a vet and despite being out on her own for over two weeks, she was in great health except for having lost a little weight and picking up a few ticks. Missing Pets, Perth and Kinross Scotland shared the good news on social media. “Thank you so so much everyone who has been involved in Rosie’s search and for all the lovely kind words of support and comfort you’ve given her dad these past two difficult weeks,” they wrote and then added, “Welcome home Rosie! ❤️🐶🐾”


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