Man Finds Half Brother He Never Knew Existed After Dreaming About Him

Photo: Cecilie_Arcurs / E+ / Getty Images

Retired Air Force Chief master sergeant Juan Lewis grew up in Katy, Texas, and followed in his late father’s footsteps by joining the military. His father Melvin Lewis served in the Army in Vietnam during the Vietnam war, but would never talk about his time there, so Juan never knew his father had a son in Vietnam.

While in the hospital being treated for COVID, Lewis dreamt that he had a brother he’d never met. "When I was in the hospital, in the ICU, I started having weird dreams that I had a younger brother," Lewis recalls. So he took a DNA test and soon learned some shocking information. Not only did he find a match, his half-brother, Phuong Doan lived less than three hours away.

Doan had moved to the U.S. in the early nineties, just a few years after his and Juan’s father had passed away. He’d been searching for his family for all these years, but had never found them until his brother matched with him. The two brothers met for the very first time earlier this week. “It feels like a part of me has been missing, and now I'm connected with my brother,” Juan says, “I look at him, and I see my dad.” The brothers are looking forward to making up for lost time and making new family memories together.

Source: ABC 13

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