Tween Rushes To Save Twin Brother From Choking

Photo: Getty Images

A quick-thinking 12-year-old girl in Massachusetts is being hailed a hero for saving her twin brother from choking. Earlier this month, Amelia Loverme was having lunch with her twin brother Charlie at Leicester Middle School when he choked on a piece of cheese.

Surveillance video caught the moment that the panicking tween gestured to his throat. “I thought I was going to pass out, or like die," Charlie recalls. As other students back away from him, unsure what to do, his sister rushes toward him and, despite having no formal training, she starts performing the heimlich maneuver on him. After a couple of attempts, Amelia dislodges the obstruction, likely saving his life.

The twins’ mother, Christy Ruth, expressed her gratitude, saying, "Kids need to pay attention and look out for one another, and I'm just grateful that Amelia did." For her part, the tween says she was just doing what she thought was right, saying, “I just knew that I needed to help him." Amelia was recognized by her school for her lifesaving effort and local officials plan to give her an award too.

Source: Good Morning America

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