Second-Grader Dresses Up Like Her Teacher For Superhero Day

Photo: Getty Images

On March 3rd, students at R.E. Baker Elementary in Bentonville, Arkansas, were asked to dress up as the superhero who inspires them the most, most of the kids showed up in the usual superhero costumes we expect. But second grader, Caroline Carlson really took the assignment to heart and came to school dressed as the superhero she admires the most—her teacher Jaime Deigh.

In a now viral post to Bentonville Schools’ Facebook page, they wrote “This is the feel-good Friday moment we all need today!,” with a picture of Caroline and Deigh wearing matching jean jackets and pink R.E. Baker shirts.

The post finishes by advising everyone to "Forget the cape” and to “Throw on a jean jacket and change the world wherever you are today."

Source: WTSP

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