Cali Couple Finds Trunk Of Old Love Letters, Tracks Down Owners

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Not long after moving into her new home in Napa, California, Joanne Willis discovered treasure in the attic. In a dark corner, she found a chest containing hundreds of love letters and keepsakes that hadn’t seen the light of day in forty years. "I was surprised,” Joanne says. “I couldn’t believe it got left behind."

Turning to social media, Joanna set out to try and determine the rightful owner of the letters. "We had to figure out who the original owner of the house was and then we went from there," she says. Before long, Joanne had found the author’s son, who claimed the letters were written by his mother, Maxine Provan to her future husband, Bill, during their summer break from Bowling Green State University, where they met in the mid-1950s.

Joanne loaded up the trunk and made the hour trek from Napa to Stockton, where the Provans, now in their eighties, currently live. They were pleased to have the trunk returned to them after all these years and grateful for Joanne for returning it. “It’s a little bit sentimental,” Bill says, “I'm going to read the letters of course. There are a lot of memories from those days."

Source: KCRA

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