ATL Teen Gets Into More Than 50 Colleges With $1.3-Million In Scholarships

Photo: Getty Images

During her sophomore year at Westlake High School in Atlanta, Daya Brown started a list of all the colleges that she was interested in. She did her research, attended virtual campus visits, and learned about scholarships and the application process. Then when the time came to start applying to schools, Brown spent three hours a day for four months on the process and all the hard work she put in really paid off. She was accepted to over 50 colleges and received more than $1.3-million in scholarship offers.

It didn’t hurt that Brown’s high school resumé reads like a future world leader’s. She was student council president for four years, a member of the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project, started her own production company, and hosted her own podcast, The Scholar Social, to teach and inspire other students.

Brown plans to attend Duke University where she wants to study production or journalism. "I really love telling stories," she says. "I really love impacting people." Then she adds, “"It's all about how I make people feel. I don't care if you remember my name, it doesn't matter how many accomplishments I have. At the end of the day if I impacted you, that's all that matters."

Source: WTSP

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