Michigan Woman Finds, Turns In Bag With $15K Inside

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A Michigan woman was walking to work a couple of weeks ago when she stopped at a gas station for a snack and spotted something unusual on the ground. Dianne Gordon looked down and saw a plastic bag with cash inside … and it was a lot of money, nearly $15-thousand.

A lot of people would have tucked that bag into their jacket and kept walking, but not Dianne. While she’s been without transportation since her car broke down a year ago and that money could have really helped her out, she never considered keeping it, instead she called the police to turn it in. “It never really crossed her mind to do anything other than turn it over,” says Lieutenant Matthew Ivory with the White Lake Township Police Department.

Ivory says in addition to the cash, there were wedding cards in the bag. Police discovered the money belonged to a couple who had gotten married that day and returned it to the grateful newlyweds. Dianne admits, “It could have made my life a whole lot easier, but it’s okay. It didn’t belong to me.”

  • But here’s where the story gets even better. Dianne’s act of kindness was rewarded with another.
  • According to Officer Ivory, the wife of a fellow officer set up a GoFundMe to help buy Dianne a new car and it’s raised more than $35-thousand so far!

Source: WSB TV

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