“Highway Hero” Sprints Across Road To Save Driver In Runaway Car

Photo: Getty Images

A man from Lawrence, Massachusetts, risked his own life and safety to help save a driver in the middle of a highway. Last week, Adolfo Molina was driving back from the airport on Interstate 93 when he saw a runaway car and rushed to help.

He watched as a car lost control and was driving up against the guardrail, so he got out of his truck and dashed across three lanes of traffic to try to stop the car. A video taken by another driver shows Molina running to catch up with a blue car, crossing three lanes of traffic to get there. He then tries to open the door and waves for help.

Another driver stopped to help and Molina says they tried to use sticks to stop the car, which didn’t work, but they were able to stop the car after it hit a divider. According to state police, the female driver lost consciousness due to a medical emergency and she was taken to a local hospital. Molina, a native of the Dominican Republic, has been praised for his heroism by The Dominican Consulate of Boston and is being honored by the Lawrence mayor’s office as well.

Source: Boston.com

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