Good Samaritan Reunites Man With Dog Stolen With Car

Photo: Getty Images

A Georgia man is reunited with his dog after someone stole his car with the dog inside. Earlier this week, Trey Specht parked his Mercedes outside an Atlanta CVS and went in the store for just a couple of minutes. When he came back outside, his car was missing and so was his beloved English bulldog Ronnie.

Specht was able to track the location of his Mercedes with the car’s GPS and police later found the car after the thief crashed it into a pole, but Ronnie was nowhere to be found. “I could care less about the car,” he says. “The dog is the only important part.” Sprecht spent the next two days looking for Ronnie and posting flyers around the neighborhood, but there was no sign of him.

After seeing Specht’s story on the news, a woman reached out to Specht to let him know that she’d found his dog and he was safe with her. He met up with her on Wednesday night and now Ronnie is back home where he belongs and Specht is grateful to have his best friend again.

Source: WSB TV

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