Friends Disarm & Talk Down Man With Gun At Coffee Shop

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A pair of friends in Michigan talk down and disarm a man on crystal meth at a coffee shop. Anita Stinson and her friend Brian Gottschalk were enjoying donuts and coffee at a Detroit coffee shop last week, when 23-year-old Jawad Jones walked in looking agitated. "I can see him out of the corner of my eye and he seems very upset," Stinson recalls.

Stinson and Gottschalk moved to sit with Jones and try to calm him down and deescalate whatever was happening with him. They didn’t know it at the time, but Jones was high on crystal meth and had a loaded gun in his pocket along with another loaded clip. When Jones pulled the gun out and set it on the table, Stinson chose not to focus on the gun, but continued talking to Jones, telling him everything was going to be ok.

Another customer called 911 and as Stinson continued to talk to Jones, Gottschalk reached over and grabbed the gun and put it in his pocket. Moments later, police arrived and took Jones into custody. The police don’t recommend stepping in like Stinson and Gottschalk did, but they do recognize their bravery. When asked, the good Samaritans say they wouldn’t have done anything differently and they’re just glad nothing bad happened.

Source: FOX 2 Detroit

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