NYC Teens Start Food Security Club To Fight Hunger

Photo: Getty Images

A New York City teenager is leading the way and getting others involved to battle food waste and hunger using leftover food from their school cafeteria. Skai Nzeuton started the Food Security Club at Stuyvesant High School last year after noticing how much uneaten food was being left behind from lunch. He didn’t want to see it all get trashed, so he came up with a win-win solution.

After noticing how many people on the train were asking for food on a daily basis, he decided to put that perfectly good food being thrown away at school to good use. The Food Security Club, which has grown to 50 members, collects the leftover cafeteria food and delivers it directly to food pantries and community fridges around the city, where anyone in need can take whatever they want for free, no questions asked.

So far the Food Security Club has collected and donated more than 3-thousand pounds of excess cafeteria food and the students hope to lead by example and inspire other schools to do the same with their excess school food. "We have over 1,700 public schools in New York City,” Skai explains. “If every single public school could have a club like this, we would be able to feed so many more people and then donate over a million pounds of food each year.”

Source: NBC New York

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