Girl Battling Rare Brain Disease Surprised With New Wardrobe

Photo: Getty Images

A six-year-old girl who’s battling a rare brain disease is getting some support when she and her family need it most. Brianna Bodley is being treated for Rasmussen’s encephalitis and the medicine she takes for it causes her to rapidly gain weight. As a result, the California girl is outgrowing her clothes faster than her mom can replace them.

Buying all new things for Brianna to wear is a financial burden that her family can’t handle right now, but the folks at Helpful Honda have stepped in to help. They recently delivered a whole new wardrobe for Brianna, with dresses, skirts and pajama sets any little girl would love, along with some toys to put a smile on her face. Her mom, Crystal Bodley, even got some gift cards to help with gas and groceries.

Brianna still faces many medical challenges, including an upcoming brain surgery. But for now, she’s in good spirits and having pretty new things to wear will help make everything she’s dealing with just a little bit easier.

Source: ABC 7

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