Blind Teen Writes Joke Book With High Tech Help

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A blind Utah teen is using high-tech tools to write a book of his favorite jokes. Maddox Hagemann of Murray, Utah, has a rare condition that has left him legally blind, but the Murray High School sophomore has been learning braille since he was 10-year-old. Now, with the help of his teacher Jenny Hooper and a special tablet called a BrailleNote, Maddox has set out to write a joke book.

The BrailleNote is an Android powered tablet that can access the Internet and allows the user to take advantage of a lot of the tools that blind people didn’t have access to before. "You can email. You can do Google Docs. You can do Word documents," Hooper explains.

The device has opened up a lot of doors for Maddox and allowed him to be a part of regular classes at Murray High. And now, the teen is able to take his love of humor and share it with the world. "Some of them are funny. Some of them are a little bit cheesy,” he says of his collection of jokes. "What did the ocean say to the shore," Hagemann asks. "Nothing. It just waved."

Source: KSL

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