*NSYNC Reveals How They Prepared For Upcoming 'Hot Ones' Episode

Photo: Getty Images

*NSYNC has survived the Hot Ones experience! This week it was revealed that the reunited '90s boyband would be sitting down for the popular First We Feast YouTube talk show where stars try to answer thoughtful questions while eating seriously spicy hot wings.

A day before the episode was set to premiere, Justin Timberlake, JC ChasezJoey FatoneLance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick took to Instagram to share how they prepared for one of the most challenging interviews around. Their prep included shots of Pepto Bismol, handfuls of Tums, and ice cream. "This is 40," Lance joked as the group geared themselves up in the green room.

It's been an exciting time for fans of the beloved '90s boyband. Last week, the group confirmed the release of their new song "Better Place," which will be featured in the new movie Trolls Band Together. The song, which will be their first in over two decades, is set to drop on September 29th. The song announcement came shortly after *NSYNC reunited on the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards stage on Tuesday, September 12th. While they didn't perform or announce any news on stage, they did present the award for Best Pop to Taylor Swift. Furthermore, JC and Lance both teased the possibility of more projects from the boyband while being spotted by TMZ at LAX. When asked how he feels about doing more with *NSYNC, JC told the gossip site that he was focused on the single for now but added, "Anything is possible."

*NSYNC's Hot Ones episode is set to air at 11:00 A.M. ET on the First We Feast YouTube channel.

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