Waitress Defends Family Targeted By Racist Rant, Nets $80K Tip

Remember Michael Lofthousethat Silicon valley CEO jerk we saw ranting at an Asian family for no reason last week? We’ve got two great updates. Following his super-lame apology, Lofthouse has now been ‘encouraged’ to resign. But even cooler? Gennica Cochran, the server we saw toss Lofthouse out of the restaurant for his racist tirade? An online campaign has resulted in her scoring more than $80-grand in tips. Even more!? Cochran is figuring out a way to spread the love to other servers.

She says she just “did what needed to be done,” but others see Cochran as a hero for standing up to the CEO and some folks started GoFundMe fundraisers for her. One called “A Big Tip for an Everyday Hero” has brought in nearly $80-thousand, a second has received more than $7-thousand, and a third has raised over $14-thousand, and the money is still pouring in.

Cochran says the money will help her pursue teaching yoga and she’s also trying to find a way to send some of the money to other servers in the service industry.

Source: Daily Mail

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