Mom Adopts Sibling Of Her Other Two Adopted Kids

A mom in Colorado found out that her two adopted children had a sibling in need of a home and set out to make him part of the family. Katie Page first adopted son Grayson in May 2017 and a month later, she got a call that a little girl needed a foster home and she took Hannah in. She soon discovered similarities between the two tots, including a chin dimple, and started suspecting they were siblings.

Their biological mom listed different names and had given false information when placing the kids up for adoption and the agency had no idea Grayson, four, and Hannah, three, may be brother and sister. But a DNA test confirmed it and also made it easier for Page to adopt Hannah in December 2018. Then, the single mom found out they had a little brother and she became one-year-old Jackson’s foster mother and officially adopted him into the family on June 25th.

"When Jackson came along I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to," Page said. “The minute I held him, I was so overjoyed.”

Source: People

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