TX Woman Gives Bike To Man She Sees Walking To Work Every Day

Photo: Priscila Zambotto / Moment / Getty Images

After seeing Heath Nelson regularly walking down the road on his way to work in Bryan, Texas, Rebecca Wendt felt a calling to learn more about him. So she reached out to his work, got his number and contacted him. She learned that the 52-year-old used to ride his bike to work, but since it had broken, he’d been walking two hours to his job every day.

Wendt wanted to do something to help Nelson and decided to raise money to buy him a new bike. She shared her mission with friends and family on social media and was shocked at the response. “Within about two hours I had over a thousand dollars raised,” she says.

Recently, Wendt met Nelson face-to-face for the first time and presented him with his brand new electric bicycle. After purchasing the e-bike, Wendt was left with some extra money, which she also gave to Nelson to use as he sees fit. He was brought to tears by the kind gesture and says he plans to use the money to get a set of dentures. “Oh it’s a blessing, trust me,” Nelson says, “What she gave me was just remarkable.”

Source: KBTX

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