Defense Department Currently Working On "Spy Underwear" That Captures A/V

Photo: bookzaa / iStock / Getty Images

The US government has announced it’s developing a type of textile that turns clothing into spy tools. The program, cleverly called SMART ePANTS, has set out to create high-tech shirts, pants, socks and underwear that will “feel, move and function” like regular clothes but will be able to record audio, video and even geolocation data.

The idea is to equip the garments with tiny cameras, sensors, and microphones that appear to be fabric thread and will even be powered by the spy’s body’s own energy. Reports claim the National Intelligence Department has spent $22 million on the project so far and that it’ll roll out in three phases: proof of concept, the “wear it” and finally, the “wash it” phase.

Source: Daily Mail

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