NJ Family Travels U.S. In Mobile Bookstore Giving Away Free Books

Photo: Getty Images

A New Jersey family is on a mission to spread literacy across the country. Last summer, Kaila Boulware Sykes and her husband Raymond opened a donation-based bookstore in New Brunswick, New Jersey, they call Hidden Gems Literary Emporium. Run entirely on donations, customers can decide what they want to pay for books or pay nothing if that’s what they can afford.

In order to spread literacy even further, the Sykeses committed to taking their bookstore on a road trip each year to distribute books and educational materials to children and families. Their first “free book tour” took place in July of 2021, a month after Hidden Gems opened. They loved interacting with appreciative families as they gave away free books, games, and educational tools. But then their van broke down, ending the possibility of future free book tours.

So now, the Sykeses are raising funds to buy an RV that they plan to convert into a mobile book experience where they’ll hand out free books and host literary classes on their next tour. And if it all goes well, this summer they’ll be back on the road again spreading “love through literacy.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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