FL Churchgoers Save Two Girls From Kidnapping

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Photo: Getty Images

Florida churchgoers help save two young girls from being abducted. On Sunday, a pair of 12-year-old girls were leaving a restaurant outside Tampa when a 37-year-old man approached them saying he would “supervise” their walk home. Allegedly, the man then started hitting one of the girls over the head and continued to follow them.

The girls got on their bicycles and rode to a nearby church looking for help. The man followed them into the church where witnesses say he claimed they were his daughters. But as he had his arm around one of the girl’s neck, she mouthed to a churchgoer “Please help me, this is not my dad.”

The churchgoers kept the man engaged while they called 911 and police responded and took him into custody. He’s been charged with false imprisonment and child abuse and is being held in the Hillsborough County Jail on a $104-thousand bond.

Source: NY Post

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