Neighbors, Home Depot Remove Racist Slur On Family’s Fence

When vandals painted racist graffiti on an Upstate New York family’s fence, neighbors and their local Home Depot rushed to remove it. On Monday morning, Johnny Parks, a youth sports referee and coach of 25 years, woke up to find a hateful, racist and offensive message painted in four-foot high letters on the white fence around his property in Niagara, New York. His son, Willie Fair IIItweeted a pic of the graffiti and wrote, “2022 racism remains.”

Immediately, supporters from their community and across the country chimed in offering to help the family. Twitter user @CLoSkills tweeted that he’d buy the supplies and that he was sorry the family was going through this. But before news had even gotten out, Fair tweeted a pic of a crew from the local Home Depot that had come out and replaced the fence panels. They even did the work in the rain!

The offensive graffiti came less than 48 hours after a gunman killed ten people in a Buffalo grocery store this past Saturday. The racially motivated mass shooting was only 30 minutes away from the Parks’ home. The New York State police are investigating the hateful graffiti at the Parks’ home as well as another “racist” incident in the Bronx.

Source: Huff Post

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