Rookie Rhode Island Police Officers Help Deliver Premature Baby

A pair of Rhode Island police officers deliver a premature baby after responding to what they understood to be an overdose call. Woonsocket Police Officers Connor Doyle and Justin Ryel recently responded to a call to check in on a woman with a prior drug problem after a concerned relative who hadn’t heard from the woman thought that she might be having an overdose. When they arrived, however, they found the woman was in the middle of delivering a baby.

The two rookie officers had just responded earlier in the evening to a nearby incident where they had to administer Narcan to save a man from overdosing. The man survived and when they arrived at their next call, they assumed it was another overdose. Instead the officers ended up working alongside Woonsocket firefighters to help deliver a baby. The baby was successfully delivered and the mother and child were immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

Doyle and Ryel later learned that the mother didn’t know she was pregnant. She’d been clean for a “long time,” but relapsed and believes that’s what set off the labor. The mother entered an intensive rehab program and later messaged Doyle on social media to thank the officers for their help. He hopes the mother and baby will be able to be reunited and plans to stay in touch with her. He says he also hopes that he can meet the baby someday.

Source: KTVU

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