Woman Adopted As A Baby Reunites With Birth Mother 50 Years Later

A Colorado woman who was adopted as a baby is reunited with her birth mother after 53 years. Sarah Kleinhans has spent her entire life searching for her Korean birth mother. When she was just 14-months-old, her mother put her up for adoption, hoping that her daughter would have a better life than she could provide.

Kleinhans and her half-brother were adopted by a family in New Hampshire, but she never stopped wanting to reconnect with their birth mother. After taking a DNA test, Kleinhans was able to connect with her half-sister and that led to her finding her mother, Pok Cha. She learned that Cha lived in Los Angeles, so she loaded up her two children and flew the short distance so they could meet the woman they now call “Oma.”

When the mother and daughter first laid eyes on one another, they hugged and tears ran down their faces. "I'm so happy. I'm so grateful to you," Cha says. "You're more beautiful in person." Being a mother now herself, Kleinhans knows how difficult it must have been for Cha to give up her children. “How selfless do you have to be to know that your child is going to have a better life?" she wonders.

Source: CBS News

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