WWII Reenactors Take To The Skies For Veteran’s 100th Birthday

An Ohio man was treated to an impressive celebration for his upcoming milestone birthday. World War II veteran Jim “Pee Wee” Martin turns 100 this week and thanks to W and R Vets, a nonprofit that supports U.S. military veterans, he got to see some familiar sights from his days of service.

The event, “Pee Wee’s Jump Fest,” included three vintage World War II transport aircraft and dozens of parachutists wearing World War II military uniforms and steel pot helmets. The planes took to the skies outside Dayton and one by one, the parachutists made their jumps. Hundreds of spectators were on-hand to watch the re-enactment, including five other veterans who served with Martin in the 101st Airborne Division, the unit that was portrayed in the miniseries “Band of Brothers.”

The jumpers included members of the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team, the Round Canopy Parachuting Team, and the Liberty Jump Team. Each jumper came by to pay their respects to Martin and his fellow Screaming Eagles, as the 101st Airborne Division is known. The veterans, now all in their late 90s, posed for photos, shook hands and signed autographs and got a reminder that their service will not be forgotten.

Source: NBC News