“Tampa Chainsaw Man” Helps Texans In Deep-Freeze Crisis

As people across the country watched news reports of the folks affected by the snow and ice storms in Texas last week, most felt helpless. But one man in Florida decided to show up in person to lend a hand where they needed it most. Aaron Davis says he felt like he needed to be “feet on the ground,” so he flew from Tampa to Austin, Texas last Friday.

The 45-year-old explains, “I just felt incredibly guilty sitting down in Tampa, in the sunshine watching the rest of the country suffer.” Davis was looking for ways to help and a friend directed him to Lakeway Church. He donated bottled water and supplies, as well as a check for $10-thousand and another thousand dollars in cash.

He asked how he could help and they put a chainsaw in his hand and sent him to Harper, Texas, a town of 12-hundred people that had no power. Davis helped the church distribute donations in the community and he cut fallen trees, earning him the nickname “Tampa Chainsaw Man.” He plans to donate another $10-thousand to a local charity and keep pitching in to help any way he can.

Source: People