Donations Help Uber Eats Driver Avoid Homelessness

An Uber Eats driver who was facing homelessness now has enough money to get a house, thanks to the generosity of strangers. Riley Elliott shared an emotional video explaining how he’s been struggling to cover bills while working as a delivery driver. He was frustrated by a delivery that took him 45 minutes, cost him $3 in parking, and he was paid $2.50 by the company, then only got a $1.50 tip.

In the TikTok video, he encouraged people to be more generous when tipping, and even though he only had nine followers at the time, his message was heard. Since then, he’s received more than $40-thousand in donations to his Venmo and Cash App accounts.

In a follow-up video, Riley thanks everyone for their support and generosity. He explains he and his partner have been able to pay off bills and send money to a friend who is also struggling financially and can now afford to move into a house. He also shared $12-thousand of the donations to help others pay electric bills and buy medication. “The last two days have just been me living my dream of being able to help people in need,” he says.

Source: The Seattle Times