Restaurant With No Power Serves 500 Free Hot Meals To Folks In Need

Winter storms left millions without power in Texas, including Bella Italia Ristorante in Plano. But they have a gas stove and a gas oven and owner Ari Isufaj used the equipment to cook up hot meals for freezing folks in need.

"We picked lasagna and spaghetti because those were the two easiest items to cook here with gas,” he explains. “We didn't have power. We didn't have anything.” But the restaurant opened their doors and within three hours, they’d fed more than 500 people … for free. And on top of that, they also delivered 80 additional meals to a warming center in the area.

Filling bellies with comfort food is just doing the right thing as far as Isufaj is concerned. He says it’s a “thank you” to his customers who have kept his family business going during the pandemic.

Source: WFAA