Tween Raises Hundreds For Homeless Man Who Returned Grandma’s Wallet

When Evelyn Topper lost her wallet after visiting a coffee shop in San Rafael, California, she was distraught. It had everything in it, credit, debit, insurance cards, and she thought she’d never see it again. Then, just a day later, she got a call from a stranger who’d found it and wanted to return it.

The do-gooder was Sean Currey, who has been homeless for the last five year and was looking through the dumpster behind the coffee shop when he found Topper’s wallet. The cash was gone, but the cards were still inside and he arranged to get it back to Topper. And when her granddaughter, Mikayla Gounard, heard about his act of kindness, she paid it forward.

Her 12th birthday was coming up and she was planning to ask friends for a donation instead of a present, but hadn’t decided who to give the money to until Currey came into their lives. After learning about what he did and his lack of housing, she decided to give the hundreds of dollars she received to him. “I’m humbled,” Currey says. “I’m at a loss. I’m warmed by it 100%.”