Paramedic Crowdfunds To Get Face Shields For Colleagues

A Nebraska man is taking on the task of outfitting healthcare workers with an extra layer of protection. Charles Wilkins is an emergency room paramedic who works closely with COVID patients in Ohama and after seeing others in his profession wearing heavy-duty face shields, he bought one for himself. And now he’s helping to get them for all of the paramedics he works with.

Wilkins says the hospital-issued face shields work well, but the ones he’s giving out are sturdier and belong to the paramedics themselves. He’s enlisted help from the community to fund his project and turned to crowdfunding to raise money to buy them. Through social media and word of mouth, he’s received nearly 100 face shields so far.

“Not only does it provide the protection, but it’s a huge morale boost,” Wilkins explains. “If I can keep even one more paramedic in the fight longer because they had better protection then I feel like I’m really doing my part.”

  • Want to contribute to his face shield initiative? You can buy one to donate through his Amazon list.