This Top Sign Says You Had The “Cool” House When You Were A Kid

Growing up, everyone knew the kids who had the “cool” house, and they definitely wanted to be invited over. But what exactly made a house a “cool” house?

Well, according to a new survey:

·Half of respondents say a home that was stocked with good snacks was the true sign of a “cool” house.

·Other top signs you had the “cool” house:

Video games (38%)

Cable TV (38%)

Pool (34%)

Different toys than I had (33%)

Board games (33%)

Big backyard (31%)

A dog/pet to play with (29%)

And there was good reason why snacks were the most important factor in a fun house.

·Close to 80% of people say snack time was their favorite activity as a kid.

·63% of people say their best childhood memories came from food.

·81% said finding their favorite snack in their lunch was the best feeling.

·62% of folks have fond memories of swapping snacks with kids during lunch.

Source: SWNS Digital

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