Lauren Jauregui Shares Second EP As A Solo Artist: 'I Am So Grateful'

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Lauren Jauregui is back with new music. In Between, which dropped on Friday, May 26th, marks the former Fifth Harmony member's second EP as a solo artist. The singer took to Instagram on release day to share the heartwarming intentions behind her second independent release.

"I could barely sleep last night and I’m pacing around my living room like a loca listening to these songs on repeat rn. I give them to God, I give them to you, I am so grateful beyond words if you take the time to listen this weekend (extra gratitude if you choose to buy the project as I am INDEPENDENT!)," she wrote on Instagram.

Jauregui continued, "It is my intention that these songs accompany you through summer, through sadness, through laughter, through moments spent with those you love, especially yourself. It is my intention to make you feel something in this chaotic ass world where numbing and disconnection and surface level energy is our normal. It is my intention to disrupt, to heal, to create with pure love and authenticity and I hope you feel that when you listen to #InBetween tonight or this weekend or for the rest of your life."

In addition to the previously released single "Trust Issues," the EP also features the following tracks"

  • "Meet me in the In Between"
  • "Em(oceans)"
  • "All In My Feelings"
  • "The One"
  • "Trust Issues"
  • "Always Love"
  • "Wolves" featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Russ

During an interview with Billboard prior to the release, Jauregui shared, “I think there’s more movement to this EP. This is a continuation of Prelude, which is my first EP that I dropped — kind of the sound and vibe that I’ve been cultivating from that point."

Listen to In Between on iHeartRadio!

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