Sisters Give Birth On Same Day With Same Doctor at OhioHealth Mansfield

A set of three sisters in Ohio who were all pregnant at the same time have beaten the odds and all had their babies on the exact same day. On July 3rd at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital, Daneesha Haynes, Ariel Williams and Ashley Haynes had babies in a span of four and a half hours. And even more incredible? The same doctor delivered all three babies.

The sisters all gave birth naturally, though all three had their labor induced. It all started with Ariel, who’s baby girl Sincere Young was the first to arrive at 10:10am, weighing in at eight-pounds, two-ounces. Ashley’s son Adrion Hayes, who arrived four days before his due date, was the second of the cousins to be born that day. He weighed six-pounds, 10-ounces and arrived at 11:26am. The wild card was Daneesha, she wasn’t due until July 23rd, but she was high risk and her baby girl had to be taken early. Emrie Haynes made her way to the world at 2:43pm, weighing four-pounds, 12-ounces.

“It was a blessing. It’s amazing,” Daneesha says of her baby sharing the same birthday as two cousins. But it’s also incredibly rare. The odds of three sisters having babies on the same day are reportedly one in 50-million!

Source: Yahoo!